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Last Update:  December 04, 2016
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General Reports

     Journal Papers, Abstracts, and Commentaries
Effect of secondary preventive therapy on recurrence of tuberculosis in HIV-infected individuals: a systematic review.
Bruins WS, van Leth F.
Infect Dis (Lond). 2016 Dec 2:

The Pharmacological Challenges of Treating Tuberculosis and HIV Coinfections.
Egelund EF, Dupree L, Huesgen E, Peloquin CA.
Expert Rev Clin Pharmacol. 2016 Nov 9.

Lack of response to HBHA in HIV-infected patients with latent tuberculosis infection.
Delogu G, Vanini V, Cuzzi G, et al

Scand J Immunol
. 2016 Sep 16.

Tuberculosis Specific Responses following Therapy for TB: Impact of HIV Co-infection.
Siddiqui S, Sarro Y, Diarra B,  et al

Clin Immunol
. 2015 Apr 15.

Adherence to HIV and TB Care and Treatment, the Role of Food Security and Nutrition.
Claros JM, de Pee S, Bloem MW.

AIDS Behav
. 2014 Aug 5.


Early versus delayed initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy for HIV-positive adults with newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis (TB-HAART) a prospective, international, randomised, placebo-controlled trial.
Mfinanga SG, Kirenga BJ, Chanda DM,  et al
Lancet Infect Dis
. 2014 May.

The Enabling Effect of Food Assistance in Improving Adherence and/or Treatment Completion for Antiretroviral Therapy and Tuberculosis Treatment: A Literature Review.
de Pee S, Grede N, Mehra D, Bloem MW.

AIDS Behav
. 2014 Mar 12


Treatment outcomes after early initiation of antiretroviral therapy for human immunodeficiency virus-associated tuberculosis.
Chan CK, Wong KH, Leung CC,  et al

Hong Kong Med J
. 2013 Aug 8..

Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Associated Tuberculosis: Update on Prevention and Treatment.
Dierberg KL, Chaisson RE.
Clin Chest Med. 2013 Jun;34(2):217-228.

Modelling HIV and MTB Co-Infection Including Combined Treatment Strategies.
Ramkissoon S, Mwambi HG, Matthews AP.

PLoS One
. 2012;7(11):e49492.

Outcome and Determinants of Mortality in 269 Patients with Combination Anti-tuberculosis Drug-Induced Liver Injury.
Devarbhavi H, Singh R, Patil M,  et al;
J Gastroenterol Hepatol
. 2012 Sep 28


Treatment outcome, mortality and their predictors among HIV-associated tuberculosis patients.
Tabarsi P, Chitsaz E, Moradi A, et a
lInt J STD AIDS. 2012 Sep;23(9):e1-

HIV and tuberculosis--science and implementation to turn the tide and reduce deaths.
Harries AD, Lawn SD, Getahun H, Zachariah R, Havlir DV.
J Int AIDS Soc. 2012;15(2):17396.

Time to Initiate Antiretroviral Therapy between 4 Weeks and 12 Weeks of Tuberculosis Treatment in HIV-infected Patients:|
Results from the TIME Study.
Manosuthi W, Mankatitham W, Lueangniyomkul A, et al

J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr
. 2012 May 15


Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection in HIV: Shorter or Longer?
Person AK, Sterling TR.
Curr HIV/AIDS Rep. 2012 May 12. .

Earlier versus later start of antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected adults with tuberculosis.
Blanc FX, Sok T, Laureillard D, et al

N Engl J Med
. 2011 Oct 20;365(16):1471-81..

Timing of Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV-1 Infection and Tuberculosis.
Havlir DV, Kendall MA, Ive P,  et al

N Engl J Med
. 2011 Oct 20;365(16):1482-1491.

Pretreatment and posttreatment radiography in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis with and without human immunodeficiency virus infection.
Angthong W, Angthong C, Varavithya V.

Jpn J Radiol
. 2011 Oct;29(8):554-62..

Optimum time to start antiretroviral therapy in patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis (TB):
before or after TB diagnosis?
Kerkhoff AD, Wood R, Lawn SD.

. 2011 Feb 22. .

Practice guideline prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in patients with an HIV infection.
van Leth F, Gebhart AC, van Altena R, et al
Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd
. 2010;154(52):A1225.

Challenges and perspectives for improved management of HIV/Mycobacterium
tuberculosis co-infection.
Sester M, Giehl C, McNerney R, et al

Eur Respir J
. 2010 Dec;36(6):1242-1247

Barriers and facilitators of adherence to TB treatment in patients on concomitant TB and HIV
treatment: a qualitative study.
Gebremariam MK, Bjune GA, Frich JC.

BMC Public Health
. 2010 Oct 28;10(1):651

HIV-associated tuberculous meningitis - diagnostic and therapeutic challenges.
Marais S, Pepper DJ, Marais BJ, Török ME.

Tuberculosis (Edinb)
. 2010 Sep 27.

HIV-Associated Tuberculosis: Clinical Update.
Swaminathan S, Padmapriyadarsini C, Narendran G.

Clin Infect Dis
. 2010 Apr 13.

Treatment of Active Tuberculosis in HIV-Coinfected Patients: ":
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Khan FA, Minion J, Pai M, et al
Clin Infect Dis
. 2010 Mar 10

An Algorithm for Tuberculosis Screening and Diagnosis in People with HIV.
Cain KP, McCarthy KD, Heilig CM,
 et al 
N Engl J Med
. 2010 Feb 25;362(8):707-716.

reatment of latent tuberculosis infection in HIV infected persons.
Akolo C, Adetifa I, Shepperd S, Volmink J.

Cochrane Database Syst Rev
. 2010 Jan 20;(1):CD000171

Adverse Events

     Journal Papers, Abstracts, and Commentaries
Hepatotoxicity during Treatment for Tuberculosis in People Living with HIV/AIDS.
Araújo-Mariz C, Lopes EP, Acioli-Santos B, et al

PLoS One
. 2016 Jun 22;11(6):e0157725.

Tuberculous Drug-induced Liver Injury and Treatment Re-challenge in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Co-infection.
Costiniuk CT, Gosnell BI, Manzini TC,

 J Glob Infect Dis
2015 Oct-Dec;7(4):151-156.

Cardiac Tamponade: An Unusual Complication of Simultaneous Treatment of Tuberculosis and HIV.
Wang SH, Menon A, Hyslop NE.
South Med J.
2008 Apr 10

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in association with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis: Views
over hidden possibilities.

Shankar EM, Vignesh R, Murugavel KG, et al

AIDS Res Ther
. 2007 Nov 30;4(1):29

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome of tuberculosis among HIV-infected patients
receiving antituberculous and antiretroviral therapy.
Manosuthi W, Kiertiburanakul S, Phoorisri T, Sungkanuparph S.
J Infect. 2006 Feb 15;

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